Tänä vuonna kesästä on saanut nauttia ihan urakalla. Hellettä on piisannut. Ohessa muutama fiilistelykuva tältä kesältä juhannuksesta Jurmoon. ;)

This summer has been hotter that I can ever remember here! Here are some pics I've shot during the last 2 months.

At the Jurmo Island, the sunniest place in Finland (so they say). Well, this one I didn't shoot myself.

The alpacas in Jurmo. The black one is called Hevari, which means "heavy metal guy". :)

The Grill we made in Jurmo and some Etrecôte steaks...Yummy...and perhaps some rugged beauty?

What did they say about the rolling stone? Isn't it beeaauuutiful?!

Some crowberries in Jurmo.

Okay, red colour w/ some help of PS. ;)

Busy bee watch the world go by...

An Ant & a peony.

Last but certainly not least, cold white wine w/ blueberries! Have a great summer!